Generators: Back Up Power For Your Home

Generators provide for back-up power resources in a crisis, or power if your regular electrical system fails. Most of all, their function is to keep your electrical operations (computers, security systems, appliances, and essentially lighting) running effectively during any power outage.

Power outages have been occurring more frequently and lasting longer due to the rapid changes in weather patterns and a demand for power which has increased dramatically. A back-up generator will provide you with relief when you know your family is warm during a winter outage, and your food is cold during a summer black-out.

It takes a tremendous amount of calculation to accurately size a home generator, so therefore you will need to talk to a dealer to make sure you pick out the right one.

The most common back-up generator in the US is the transportable type powered by a small gas engine. However, there is more to it than just wheeling it outside and turning it on. The key to using a generator effectively is to size it right, plan where and how you’ll utilize it, then test run the machine. All of this can be done easily and professionally if you hire Duke

Electric. In fact, let Duke Electric safeguard your home with a back-up generator. We have the knowledge and experience to know which generator will be right for your home!

Transfer Switches

are required by the National Electrical Code if you want to install a generator in your home. Transfer switches are the key component between your back-up system and the main power source.

Contact Duke Electric today to hear more about generators and transfer switches, as well as their installation.

Generators: Back Up

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Power For Your Home