Exterior And Interior Lighting Installation & Repair

Lighting for the interior of your home can be an important accessory when transforming or decorating a space. It is also a compelling way to remodel the look and functionality of a room. The right placement of a light or fixture can create atmosphere, whatever the intention may be—to highlight a piece of art, family portrait, or even just light up a dark space.

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Realtors know that great lighting helps sell homes by accentuating key features. Duke Electric can make your home shine with our professional team, as well as turn your dream into a reality!

Exterior and Motion Sensor Lighting

Motion sensor lights: can be a great way to detect movement outside of your home. It will give you the comfort of knowing that there are no hiding places around your property. With motion lighting, you can be alerted to any suspicious or alarming activity happening nearby. Duke Electric can strategically install motion sensor lighting on the exterior of your home to highlight necessary areas. For example, your parking area, backyard, or any dark pathways can be ideal places to illuminate.

Lighting timers are also a good way to provide security for your home. They can give the impression that someone is at home while you are out watching your kids play sports or even working out at the gym. Protect your home with security lighting features today!

Outdoor and Landscape Lighting: can amplify your curb appeal by illuminating the architectural details of your home. With the correct placement of lighting, you can highlight features such as shrubs, flowers, or even sculptures in your garden landscape!

Interior Lighting

Having great Bathroom Lighting: will provide the best option for tasks such

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as applying your makeup, shaving, as well as taking long and hot showers. Dimmers might be a useful feature for children to find their way through the house while it’s dark.

Kitchen Lighting: gives you the possibility of showcasing your kitchen’s best features, such as granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances or to simply highlight your cooking abilities. With lighting inside your kitchen cabinets, you can showcase your glassware and fine china. Also, pendant lighting over an island can create a centerpiece for the family to gather ar


ound. Furthermore, the placement of a beautiful fixture directly over your kitchen table will allow your home cooked meal to be a focal point.

Basement Lighting: can turn your dark dungeon into a desirable area such as a child’s playroom, or a place to hang out in your free time. It is also a key essential in topping off your finished basement. As you may know, most basements do not have a lot of natural light, so basement lighting can make a significant impact in establishing that warm and cozy environment you want to enjoy.

Recessed Lighting: Whether it is an old or newer home, recessed lighting is a key element in the function, flow, and layout of the space. It creates a more spacious and contemporary feel for the home, when properly placed.

It gives you the ability to exhibit your interior décor and craftsmanship. Whether it is brightening your basement, or simply highlighting your home office, recessed lighting makes any space feel bigger, and with no fixtures in the way, leaves room for activities, such as entertaining.

Duke Electric can advise you on what is the best type of recessed lighting available such as Energy Star, Fluorescent, Incandescent, LED Swivel Lighting, Multiple Recessed Spotlights, Low Voltage and Standard Halogen, Standard Halogen, among others.

Track and Accent Lighting: is another option that gives you the ability to accent certain pieces, or you can use it as an operational task light. Track lights come in a variety of sizes, styles, colors, or even fixtures. They are especially appealing in a space where you need to direct light throughout the room. Lights can be directed onto paintings, counter tops, and even your home workspace.

Exterior And Interior Lighting Installation & Repair