Circuit Breakers and Fuses

Circuit Breaker Installation For Commercial Businesses in Central New Jersey

When your business is experiencing flickering lights, dimming, blown fuses, or a sizzling sound from your electrical panel, what should you do!? Call Duke Electric of course.

Fuses and circuit breakers are the main component when it comes to safeguarding your business’s electrical system from letting too much electricity come through.

Most importantly, business owners should realize many buildings could be functioning with inadequate electrical support for the more sophisticated technology and appliances. When you come to think of it, electricity is vital to the modern workplace—starting with the coffee machine to get your day started, to the computer, printer, fax machine, and more! These technological advances can cause some hiccups for existing electrical systems. Duke Electric can insure that your business is wired properly from top to bottom.

Unwanted electrical mishaps can interrupt your daily business operations, but with Duke Electric, you can have your business evaluated so that you have the electrical upgrades or replacements needed to put you at ease. Prevention is the solution to a potentially hazardous circumstance. Call Duke Electric today!

Dimming and/or Flickering Lights can mean that there is a poor connection at some point in the circuit. If this issue is occurring throughout your business, a main wire connection could be the problem. It’s time to call Duke Electric!

Bring Your Electrical Panel Up To Code!

Ever experience blown fuses, flickering lights, or a buzzing sound from your electrical panel? Duke Electric is the business to call to address these issues.

Fortunately, older electrical systems can be adjusted by tweaking the electrical panel. Duke Electric can examine your business’s electrical panel to determine if this is needed. If your workplace happens to be an older property, simply updating your electrical systems can help to avoid emergencies.

With increasing technology, workplaces might be operating on inadequate support for their advanced equipment. Electricity is vital in the modern day workplace. From just having a phone at your desk to the computer monitor, alarm system, fax machine and more, today’s sophisticated technology can provoke existing electrical system issues.

Duke Electric will examine your electrical needs, to determine whether your electrical panel may need upgrading or even replacing. Don’t let surprising disturbances interrupt your business day!