Outlets and Switches

Outlet and Switch Installation Central NJ

A receptacle or an outlet is the electrical fitting in your office that is a source of power having the ability to receive an insert. Having multiple electrical outlets always allows for easier access to electricity. However, you must watch out for inserts that draw more power than the outlet can manage.

This is called circuit overload.

Businesses that are expanding may require additional outlets. Whatever your business may be, Duke Electric will guide you in choosing whichever type of specialty receptacles you may require. From rotating outlets to floor outlets, recessed outlets, duplex wall outlets, switch receptacles, and much more, Duke Electric has your business covered!

Over extended periods of time your business’s receptacles may become damaged or deteriorate from daily use. You may be prone to electrical fires or shock by habitually using an outlet that has become impaired or corroded. So, get in contact with Duke Electric today to ensure that your outlets are safe.

We also have available Ground Fault Interrupter Outlets for when water comes in contact with electrical products.

Dedicated Circuits

These are designed for use by a single larger equipment or appliance. The purpose of dedicated circuits is to keep your business’ equipment or appliance voltage stable and regulated.

Duke Electric is passionate about insuring your business will not suffer from any downtime or data loss due to electrical issues. We will install new dedicated circuits for all of your business’ needs. Remember that preparation is always vital when it comes to emergency situations!

Amperage Issues​​​

This is the measurement of the total electrical current at any one time and place. When amperage exceeds the amount the circuits can manage, circuit overload occurs.

With the increase in technology and sophisticated advances, some businesses may be operating with insufficient electrical support. Older office buildings are at a greater risk for amperage issues. Duke Electric will assure you that your business is wired correctly in order to meet the needs of your business.

The Electrical Safety Foundation International reported more than 300 deaths and 4,000 injuries that were related to electrical hazards in the workplace each year! (esfi.org) Duke Electric will make sure that circuit overload won’t occur!