Attic and Ceiling Fans

Attic and Ceiling Fan Installation for Central NJ

Ever wonder why your utility bills are higher than they should be?

Insufficient ventilation may just be the problem.

Insufficient ventilation can also result in high attic temperatures, and can even raise the temperature of your home. Another issue that can arise with high attic temperatures is that they can affect the life expectancy of your roofing materials. With the help of Duke Electric, we can install a new attic fan for proper ventilation or even repair a loud fan that isn’t quite doing its job.

Ceiling fans will always be a great addition to any room because during both the summer and the winter months, ceiling fans can regulate the temperature in your home at a lower cost than many other solutions!

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Therefore, ceiling fans can be a crucial way to save energy. A typical ceiling fan in your home uses only about as much power as a 100 watt light bulb. With the option of having a multi-speed reversible fan installed, you can earn savings anywhere from 25%-40% on cooling, and up to 10% on heating.

Call Duke Electric to have a professional install your new ceiling fans throughout your home!

At Duke Electric, we can also repair your current ceiling fan(s) or those that have just flat out stopped working, vibrate, or shake. Most of the time, fans that have these issues are not able to circulate air to the best of their ability, resulting in buzzing or humming while they are operating, disabling their capability to work properly.